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The places are ready. The table is set. The dice are prepared. Friends have gathered together once again. You set yourself up for a night filled with adventure as your mind abandons the confines of that four-legged rectangle and travels to worlds and wonders of the Fantastic. You have left your mundane life behind to become someone from your wildest dreams. To live out amazing exploits. Or you simply get to kill monsters and take their stuff.

MUNY Auditions 2012 - Vanderbilt Hall - GCT

Making the Cut

                    So┬áthe deadline for my voice actors for ‘Gamers Behaving Badly’ is approaching. I’m curious to see if they can hit it. I already know one will not, but that is an excused absence and something I will be able to work around. It should also cause no delays in the…

d20 Questions Logo

Logo, Test Episode, & a Read-Through. Oh My!

Last week I recorded the raw video for a test episode for one of the new shows, d20 Questions Over Coffee. the recording went well, and I was pretty pleased with the content, save for one audio/video glitch that occurred (thank you Intranets). It’ll require some editing trickery to smooth it over, but I have full confidence in my ability…